Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki is a Japanese-American artist currently living and working in Los Angeles.  Audrey left Pratt Collage after only two years, and exploded onto the contemporary art scene.  Her paintings quickly became known for their sultry, sensuous, exotic, and arresting femininity.  She has sold out solo-shows from Tokyo and Sydney, to New York and Los Angeles.  Her work has been profiled in dozens of books and publications including Vogue, NY Arts Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times.

Last Year Audrey was featured in the uber-cool LA weekly's "Best of LA People" list, and her sold out solo-show at Think Gallery in Los Angeles cemented her position as a powerhouse in the contemporary art world.  Audrey's fans admire, collect, and share her work, but many have also taken their love for Audrey's art tot heir skin in the form of tattoos.  A Kawasaki tattoo inking was even featured on an episode of LA ink with Kat Von D.

Audrey represents a new breed of artist, who is not only a darling of the traditional gallery world, but also a social media trendsetter, with over 70,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.

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