About us

In 1998, an idea was born and since its inception, Hint Mint has expanded internationally to over 15 countries.  Quickly becoming the most coveted breath mint around the world. Hint Mint was created the "Original Designer Mint", changing the market forever.

Hint Mint never stops breaking new ground, whether through the awareness series, which donated 100% of its' profits to charity, or with the limited edition artist series, featuring a new artist every year. With every new line of mints, and ever new flavor, Hint Mint continues to expand and redefine the possibilities.  

Hint Mints are more than just candy, more than simple breath aids; they're contemporary accessories.We want people to be a little cooler when they cool their breath, so we designed our tins to be pocket sized objects of desire.

Our mints are made in the United States, (except for Green Tea mints which are made at the source of the green tea in China), and are 100% vegan with absolutely no animal products.

We designed the mints as diligently as the tin, smooth and elegant leaf embossed tablets in all natural and vegan flavors.

You Need This Mint!